NHKauai Kids

At NHKauai kids, we want to provide for even the youngest members of your family a way to stay connected to Jesus and to church.


As parents, or even kupuna - you are your child’s first and most important teacher so we’ve provided cool videos, activities and devotional tools that are “parent friendly” to help you help your child grow in God.

3 step connect:

1. Worship

2. Dig into The Word

3. Discussion

VIDEO lessons:

The videos below are a fun and creative way to learn God's Word. We will post new lessons for PreK and Elementary school ages for you to watch and enjoy along with worksheets and activities!

Remember, Worship, Dig into The Word, and Discuss!

Tips for Teaching and Memorizing Verses

Watch this video for helpful tips on how to teach and encourage your children to 

memorizes scripture verses. You can practice with the verse listed below.

 It is our prayer that this will be a great time of bonding and growing together in God's Word.  

Memory Verse:

With one sacrifice Christ made His people perfect forever.

Hebrews 10:14

Watch this video for tip #2 on how to teach and encourage your children to 

memorize scripture verses, have fun memorizing this verse with your child!

 We pray for wisdom and patience as you build a solid foundation rooted in Christ. 

Memory Verse:

But don't just listen to the word of God, you must do what it says. Otherwise you are fooling yourselves. 

James 1:22